About Us

My name is Don of Air Rifle USA.  I first received my first air rifle in the early 1950 when I was 11 years old living in eastern New Mexico. It was the Daisy Red Rider Carbine with the raw-hide string.  My friends and I were all lucky enough to receive our air rifles at about the same time, and we took them down to the town dump every chance we got, since the bottles and tin cans were so plentiful there. (Actually,within a year we reduced the height of the dump several feet..)   I remember the first bottle that I busted.  I raised the rifle to my shoulder, pressed the stock to my check, aimed, and pulled the trigger.  When the bottle shattered into a million pieces, I felt like I’d just won the war.
     Later in life, when I entered the military, I found that shooting the air rifle in the early years helped me receive the Expert Rifle Medal on the rifle range. I also believe that the air rifle teaches safety to all that use then it regularly.  The sport can be fun, relaxing hobby or a very competitive sport.  It is also a less-expensive alternative to firearms, as you can shoot hundreds of rounds of air rifle ammunition for the cost of a single box of shells and still have the same experience and excitement.
     Air rifles can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Air rifles are not expensive to purchase or use and that is how we at Air Rifle USAcan help you have the same fun I have had for the last 50 years.  As a dealer for Crosman, Daisy ,Gamo, RWS and many more manufacturers, we can pass the selections and great prices to you.  My intent is to help anyone who has a love for air rifles or is just starting out, to find exactly what they want and enjoy shopping for the rifles, ammo and other accessories on our site.  The sooner we can get you equipped, the sooner you can start having the fun you want and deserve as the owner of an Air Rifle or Pellet Gun.